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What are candidates experiencing when they see your brand out there?

How you manage both your local brand reputation and the online validation process are critical — behind only unit-level economics and franchisee validation in the candidate’s purchasing decision.

Blocking and tackling are a matter of effective management and operations. Your reputation and effective local presences are harder to quantify — without the right data.

What if you had a rolled-up, data-driven dashboard, letting you know at a glance what your candidates are seeing across the online world from your locations? You do, actually.

Quantify your locations’ social presence and see what your candidates see with a free online audit of 10 of your locations, using the world’s leading brand-assessment software.

Here’s what we bring to every client interaction:

  • More than three decades of experience in the franchise industry
  • Conversion metrics on 500,000+ prospects
  • Lead sources responsible for over 5,000 franchise sales
  • A passion for innovation that truly adds value

We’re always identifying what works now. That’s why we publish a quarterly Franchise Development Index and our Brand Development Study — to show our clients how their brand measures up versus others in the industry, accurately and objectively.

Like you, we expect to be judged on our results — and we’ll connect you with our existing clients to validate.

Wherever your brand is in the franchise journey, the three fundamentals of franchise development apply. Each requires design and effective implementation of multi-layered processes.

1) Predictability: You have a proven method for creating sustainable unit-level economics that generate profits in your target markets.

2) Positive proof: Validation is prominent and franchisees convey a high level of satisfaction with the guidance and support provided. Customer validation of franchisees is also critical.

3) Certainty: You have a firm grasp of modern marketing and can effectively illustrate what needs to happen locally to attract and retain customers in today’s socially active, review-driven marketplace.

We have blueprinted the sales process for more than 200 brands and would like to share what we have learned.

We know where our expertise is. When you want to improve your franchise growth, we customize our proven enterprise solutions to achieve that in the following areas:

  • Traditional and mobile website development
  • Franchise lead generation, sales and onboarding
  • Online reputation, social media and directory management

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Or calls us now: 760-720-5354