You Only Get One Chance to Convert a First Impression

Would $250 Million Worth of Recruiting Benchmarking Data Interest You?

First impressions are critical – so what happens when prospects find you online? Find out how you compare with the rest of the industry, with our FREE Top of Funnel conversion report and recommendations. We’ll show you how to manage those first impressions to grow your sales as well as share the lead sources responsible for generating over 1500 franchise sales in 2011.

How Well Do You Convert Compared to the Rest of the Franchise Industry? – are you ahead of the pack or behind?

You can collect a lot of intelligence with an enterprise CRM system.

Imagine the qualitative and quantitative data sets you can extract when that platform spans more than 100 franchise brands. And when that data was responsible for generating well over 1,500 franchise sales, it can get pretty interesting and quite useful.

When you can sort that data by investment level, then you really have something. We have gathered that data, and would welcome the opportunity to share it with you.

Understanding how you rank in inquiry-to-lead conversion and lead-to-deal conversion can empower you to zero in on the areas where you fall short, and make the adjustments that vault your franchise to the next level of sales success.

Imagine making decisions based on best practices and real data vs. your gut. No surveys. No emotions. Just real data.

Complete the form below to request your free top of funnel analysis and we will share how you compare to over 100 franchise brands responsible for generating 1500 sales in the last 18 months.

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