The Facebook Proposition for Franchisors: Can Zors Commit $10K Per Month?

There’s a lot of buzz right now around Facebook’s changes to the individual profile, but more monumental for business are recent developments with Facebook Pages.

Specifically, Facebook has created a Parent – Child structure for businesses with multiple locations, including Franchises. For parents (Franchisors) it provides:

  • A dashboard-style control system
  • A built-in Bing maps location-finder

Included in the parent functionality is the ability to monitor check-ins at child locations. A list of near-by locations will be presented to individual users, and each child page will include a link back to the parent page.

These are some useful features being rolled out by Facebook as they try to further establish the platform as the online directory of choice for consumers – and thus the essential advertising avenue for businesses.

But here’s the kicker: This parent – child structure is available only to advertisers who spend $10,000 per month on Facebook advertising.

Clearly Facebook is the place to connect and engage with prospects and customers. But is there enough value in the parent – child structure for Franchisors to commit to that level of advertising spend?

At this point Facebook does not appear to be providing Franchisors with the ability to post updates on child pages – a critical function for maintaining brand integrity across the board from national to local.  And while it’s nice to see the aggregated data provided by Facebook Insights, the ability to effectively act upon that data with brand-compliant messaging seems quite limited.

In contrast, the Process Peak solution provides everything that Facebook does, plus:

  • Better administrative control over child (Franchisee) pages
  • A dashboard for posting branded content to Franchisee pages
  • Landing page tabs on all parent and child pages to drive measurable conversions
  • Brand consistency in logos and custom tabs
  • Ongoing consulting on marketing campaign strategies

Best of all, Process Peak has no requirement for you to spend $10,000 or more per month on Facebook advertising. In fact, it’s a much more robust and effective solution for fan engagement – at a much more reasonable price.

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