Google+ vs. Facebook: Why You Need to Be On Both

Google+, the answer to Facebook’s brand / location page is finally here.

What is it and why should you care?

Google+ pages enable brands and franchisee locations to establish a presence that customers can recommend by clicking the +1 button (which they will do via their smartphones) or follow updates by adding the Page to their circles (like a friend list).

The pages are simple at this point, and are limited to:

  • Posts (your updates, comments)
  • About (a short description of your brand and offerings)
  • Photos
  • Videos

While Facebook has a sizable lead in subscribers, Google+ will deliver SEO impact through its integration with Google’s unmatched search capability. As you gain more +1s for your content and website pages, it positively impacts your search ranking on Google.

This is reason enough to establish your Google+ page and install the plugin on your website right away. Fill out the form below and Process Peak will create your Google+ page at no cost.

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