Love, Hope, and Nearly 30,000 New Fans

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Everyone loves free pizza! Leveraging that undeniable fact, Hungry Howie’s added almost 30,000 new fans in October through the ‘Love, Hope, and Pizza’ campaign they ran with DBA Worldwide and Process Peak. It began with Fangating, where visitors to Hungry Howie’s on Facebook were presented with a landing page that featured the incentive to ‘Like’ in order to receive a coupon for a free small pizza. In one week, 30,609 people landed on this tab, and of those, 27,592 clicked ‘Like,’ a 90% visitor-to-fan conversion rate!

Overlay image requring visitors to become fans

After liking the page, fans were re-directed to a short form that they had to complete to receive their personalized coupon. This form collected basic information such as name, email, phone and the location the fan wished to use their coupon, allowing Hungry Howie’s to grow their traditional marketing database as well.

Fans must fill out the form to receive the coupon

Of the 27,592 new fans Hungry Howie’s obtained, 20,658 took the action of filling out the form and receiving their coupon, a 75% conversion rate. From start to finish, 68% of visitors who arrived on the Hungry Howie’s landing page took the action of clicking the ‘Like’ button AND filling out the form to receive their coupon.

This coupon could be printed off or shown on a mobile phone

Beginning this campaign with around 100,000 fans, Hungry Howie’s increased their fan base by over 25%. On top of it all, Hungry Howie’s made a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation on behalf of every new fan gained during the month of October. That’s what you call a win-win-win! Complete the form below to learn how Process Peak can develop a turnkey campaign to drive your corporate and franchisee objectives.

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