What EdgeRank means to you

Think fan count is where it’s at? That’s so mid-2011.  Winning in social media is about fan engagement, and extending your reach. Let the Process Peak elves show you how well you’re doing, and make specific recommendations that will help you grow your fan engagement in 2012.

Much like Google has their algorithm that determines where you show up in the list of search results, Facebook has Edgerank scores, which determine if your updates show up in your fan’s newsfeeds. Edgerank scores are determined by the following formula: Affinity X Weight X Time Decay. Let’s take a closer look at what that really means.

Affinity. Those Fans who frequently engage with your content (Like, Comment, Share) are more likely to see your updates in their Newsfeeds.

Weight. Facebook gives priority to certain types of content. Those can be broken into two groups, Your Content and the Engagement of your Fans.

Your Content: It is believed that the Question/Poll function receives the greatest weight, followed by videos, photos, links, and then status updates.

Fan Engagement: Comments require the most effort by your Fans, so they receive greater weight than Likes.

Time Decay. Social media is about real-time engagement. New content ranks higher than old.

What does all this mean to you and your franchisees? It is more important than ever to post updates that compel your fans to respond. The more responses, the higher your Edgerank, and the more people that will be exposed to your messaging.

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