Highlights of GIFA 2014

Details on how Google is working to support franchise development

For the second consecutive year, I had the pleasure of representing the photo (17)Process Peak team at the GIFA Summit, held last week at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Experts from Google and the franchise industry shared insights on new developments that will affect all of us in franchise development and marketing. This event was much bigger than last year’s first-ever Summit, and it seemed like many more franchisors were in attendance.

Some of the top takeaways included:

  • Work is continuing on the Google bulk-upload tool, which allows franchises to manage multiple-location listings on Google. (I’m under NDA so I can’t get specific but you will be pleased with the new features.)
  • We heard from a representative from Google[x], a division that works on super-innovative “moonshot” initiatives and learned about Project Loon, the project to deliver Internet access via balloon.
  • Google’s brand strategy team talked about YouTube, and how brands can create their own videos without blowing the budget; and how to encourage your customers to create that content that supports your brand

Google executives emphasized that they are working to empower select partners within the franchise industry, like Process Peak, so that we can provide franchisors with the best service and marketing guidance – as Google does not  have the bandwidth to do that directly.

Process Peak client Massage Envy was represented by Susan Boresow, CMO, and Christopher Stipp, Director of Online Marketing. They shared their best practices for digital marketing in a franchise system, demonstrating the right way to provide top-down support and guidance to franchisees.

With the pace of change in marketing, it was incredibly valuable to hear from one of the organizations driving much of that change in our industry, and I appreciate being invited by Google again this year. Drop me a line if you have any specific questions about GIFA – I’d be happy to share.


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