Say What? Google+ is Going Away?

If it’s on the internet, it must be true.

googleplusgoneIt’s no secret that Google might have bitten off more than it could chew when it tried to stake a claim in the social networking monopoly a few years ago. So when Bradley Horowitz announced at the beginning of the month that he is now running Google’s Photos and Streams products, the internet went abuzz with rumors about the so-called phasing out of Google+.  Fortunately the speculation was laid to rest by Google executive Yonatan Zunger, who explained that the “Photos and Streams” is the internal team working under Horowitz, and that the Streams refers to Google+, Blogger and News. Let’s hope that as the Chief Architect for Social at Google, he knows what he’s talking about.

In the meantime, while the social networking component of Google+ is still undergoing some internal refinement, Google My Business (previously Google+ Local, and not the same thing as “Google+”) took off magnificently and is impacting search engine results and Google Map listings in a big way. The new Google My Business Dashboard, launched last summer, integrates your ability to communicate with customers through reviews and Google+, while also allowing you to accurately list your business on Google Maps so consumers can easily locate you on their computer or mobile phone. Those who have taken the steps to optimize their local presence through Google My Business should rest assured that they are strengthening their chances to rank higher on search engine results. Those who have not optimized their presences either live under a rock or enjoy living dangerously, as harsh as that may seem

As customer reviews clamor for attention and mobile searches take the lead, are you being left behind in the cyberdust? If you’re worried about your brand’s online presence or want to strengthen your marketing initiatives for your franchisees, don’t be a stranger!  We’re here to help.

In the meantime, we can all eagerly await a new photo-sharing functionality to be integrated into Google drive.

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