Recruiting is the choke point.

The growth of your brand starts at your Franchise Website, the top of your funnel. Is it optimized to speak to qualified candidates in the language they understand?  We can help you with that, and with the next step: directing qualified candidates to your site.

We produce the Process Peak Franchising Index, which includes extensive industry benchmarking data on conversions and gives us the ability to pinpoint the most effective brokers and portals in franchising. We can also help you get the best return on your recruiting investment, such as your Google Adwords campaigns.

Our flagship service Pipeline Catalyst was the first software-based solution to enable franchisors to create a unique candidate experience for the awarding process.  It makes connecting and engaging with qualified candidates much easier by providing:

  • A best practice based blueprinted virtual brochure that enables you to tell your brand story in a compelling manner and facilitate the candidate decision making process.
  • An enterprise grade CRM solution for the efficient and effective qualification and management of your pipeline from initial inquiry through signature.
  • A structure in place that enables you get smarter about recruiting as you go.

What is Pipeline Catalyst? See the nuts and bolts.

Or speak with one of our Certified Franchise Experts about how to reach qualified candidates.

Of course the awarding process is really just the first step. We will help you position your new franchisees for success by creating a customized onboarding process that enables your entire enterprise to get smarter as you go.

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Marketing has changed forever.

The Age of Transparency is upon us, which means that you now have the means — and the imperative — to know:

  • What your customers are saying about your service and your franchisee’s
  • Which locations have the happiest customers – and which locations need help
  • Where your marketing investments are generating the highest returns
  • If there are new channels where your prospects and customers are engaging

How transparent is your brand?

Listen, and your customers will tell you what they want.

We all know that social media is no longer a novelty. Process Peak gives you the tools to engage with prospects and customers at the local level, optimizing your brand engagement across the Internet’s most important channels.

It’s imperative for any competitive brand to:

  • Present a consistent, compliant and compelling brand presence at your Google+ and Facebook pages and other online properties
  • Improve your SEO rank
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Engage more lookers and convert them to customers
  • Validate better and ultimately grow your sales faster

Easier said than done, right? That’s why we developed a Managed Services approach to helping you improve your presence online. Your focus is on the big picture: strategically growing your brand and continually connecting with more customers and generating more revenue. Our focus is on helping you listen; be more find-able with System-wide Directory Optimization; accurately convey your brand; take action where appropriate and increase your demand-generation efforts more efficiently and effectively. We do this by optimizing your presence at the national and local level , then delivering traffic by way of our Local Advertising packages.

This is how you get a positive ROI from your social-marketing program. We’ve helped hundreds of brands do this – and we can help yours too. Speak with one of our Certified Franchise Experts about how we can help you increase the ROI of your marketing programs.

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Operations is about getting smarter. And smarter.

When you listen to your customers and respond effectively to their feedback, amazing things begin to happen:

  • You find more ways to improve their experience, through better customer service, product development and training.
  • You monitor and manage their feedback and reviews and in return they become more loyal to your business.
  • You enhance your reputation and begin to attract new customers.

How do you create this cycle of value? Implement a geo-based enterprise-listening solution for monitoring and responding, and then have the organizational  structures in place to swiftly respond to opportunities as they arise. See more about our Reputation Management solutions.


It’s not enough to award franchises – you have to do everything you can to help them succeed, right out of the gate. Onboarding Catalyst is our enterprise solution that enables you to create a cycle of value so you can:

  • Deliver an ideal new franchisee experience through a single collaborative destination
  • Effectively conduct online training and certifications from multiple departments
  • Turn your paper-based operations manual into an online living playbook
  • Streamline communications  to ensure focused productivity
  • Measure performance of critical metrics, and adjust procedures accordingly
  • Escalate issues that determine early success of the franchisee
  • Improve system-wide operations through social media monitoring and management.

Onboarding Catalyst gives new franchisees 24/7 access to a resource center and Virtual Brochure to guide them through the step-by-step process of opening their new franchise; built-in electronic checklists and two-way document sharing for the franchisee and franchisor.

Speak with a Certified Franchise Expert. 

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